VIDEO St. Demetrios The myrrh-bearing

It was God’s will that the grace with which He filled Saint Demetrios should remain active even after his death. This is why He caused to flow from his body a myron with a delightful scent, which had the property of healing all who took it as an unction, with faith in the intercession of the Saint (more…)

We should love Christ with all our soul

When a man or a woman puts someone in his or in her heart, from this point onwards not only does he feel beautifully but his whole being, or her whole being, turns towards this direction, and is afraid if by any chance someone gets in the middle and spoils this good communion of love. In this way should man stand before God: involved with his whole being, alert and alive. With all his might he should believe, with all his soul he should love Christ, and talk, behave and live accordingly.


From a teacher’s calendar …

Friday afternoon. In the city I stayed last year we met with a friend who had months to see her. In the little shop where we went for a hot drink, it seemed to me that it was not a day since I left. Faces known, the environment itself, full of memories. The conversation lively brings to life scenes of the past. (more…)